With Sixty years of experience in spectroscopy and using the most advanced technology, JASCO offers the best solutions for micro-Raman analysis with a complete range of micro-Raman systems.

Raman spectroscopy is capable of measuring impossible small site in the infrared microscope. Raman spectroscopy with such features is becoming popular as a general-purpose analytical instruments, but micro-Raman spectrophotometer traditional took skill optimization of measurement conditions, optical adjustment and data analysis. The NRS series will change the way Raman is used for many different applications.

All NRS Series Raman instruments include a color CCD sample viewing system with image capture capability. Utilizing the same basic optical system, JASCO designed a family of micro-Raman spectrometers that offer a range of capabilities from simple, single laser, single grating instruments to advanced research grade systems with low wave number measurement, wavelength extension from the deep UV to NIR, and the ability to use or add up to six lasers.

A range of micro Raman models are available:

Micro-Raman spectrometer NRS-4500

Micro-Raman spectrometer NRS-5000/7000 for the high-end users

Portable Raman spectrometer RMP-500

NRS-4500 Dispersive Raman Spectrometer


NRS-4500 Series Confocal Raman Microscope

NRS-4500 Series Confocal Raman Microscope

The NRS-4500 model is a new concept of Raman spectrometer that combines a compact and renewed design with a powerful software of simple use for both experienced and novice users. The “UserAssist” software helps the user to optimize the parameters and configure the NRS-4500 for each type of sample. It incorporates the new system Quick Raman Imaging (QRi), a combination of detector with electromultiplicación EMCCD with an ultra-fast Automatic Stage XYZ, allows to acquire the spectra at up to 50 times higher speed while maximizing the sensitivity of the detector.

It allows to incorporate up to 3 LASERs in the Visible NIR (457, 532, 785 and 1064nm) inside a safety compartment of class I.

Presents a confocal microscope with a spatial resolution in X and Y of 1μ and 1.5μ in Z. Completely automatic, without the need for manual alignments. With a standard range of 8000-100 cm -1 it can optionally be extended to 8000-50 cm -1 and can incorporate external fiber optic probes.

NRS-5000 and NRS-7000 Series Raman

NRS-7000/5000 Series Raman

NRS-7000/5000 Series Raman


  • Resolution: 1 cm-1 / 0.4 cm-1 (optional)
  • Measurement range: 50 to 8000 cm-1


  • Resolution: 1 cm-1 / 0.4 cm-1 (optional)
  • Measurement range: 10 to 8000 cm-1


  • Resolution: 0.7 cm-1/ 0.3 cm-1(optional)
  • Measurement range: 50 to 8000 cm-1


  • Resolution: 0.7 cm-1/ 0.3 cm-1(optional)
  • Measurement range: 5 to 8000 cm-1


The new models of the NRS-5000/7000 series   are designed to offer the best resolution and maximum performance required in equipment of the highest range. For all types of applications, it can incorporate up to 8 LASERs from UV to NIR, up to 4 diffraction gratings and up to 2 detectors, including the InGaAs optimized for use in combination with the 1064nm LASER, and EMCCD detectors with electromultiplication, which It allows reaching the highest levels of sensitivity and resolution.

All this is fully integrated into the system with automatic control via software, thus providing maximum flexibility and minimizing operations by the user. With a resolution of up to 0.3cm -1 with standard spectral range of 8,000-50cm -1 can be extended up to 8,000-10cm -1 with the addition of serial filters or 8000-5 cm-1 for the case of the NRS-7600 model. The new QRi function (Quick Raman Imaging) a detector combination with electro multiplication EMCCD with an ultrafast Automatic Stage XYZ; joins the well-known SPRinTS (Software Programmable Raman Integration Speed) to acquire spectra at very high speed (from 5ms / spectrum) with the highest spatial resolution 250nm in X, Y and 0.95μ in Z, which provides the best performance to do 2D or 3D mappings.

NRS-5000/7000 Series Features

  • Research-grade model assuring high spectral quality
  • Exceptional wavenumber accuracy with a high-precision rotary-encoder direct drive mechanism
  • Low wavenumber measurement (NRS-5600/7600)
  • Auto-alignment of microscope laser introduction optics and Raman scattering light path
  • Wavenumber calibration using an integrated Ne lamp
  • Unique Dual Spatial Filter (DSF) for higher spatial resolution than conventional confocal optics
  • Patented Spatial Resolution Image (SRI) function for simultaneous observation of sample image, laser spot and aperture image
  • Full range of options including macro-Raman measurement unit and fiber optic probes

RMP-500 series Portable Raman Spectrometer


Probe Raman Spectrometer

Probe Raman Spectrometer

The JASCO RMP-500 Series Versatile Laser Raman spectrometer system incorporates a fiber optic probe with a small X-Y-Z stage, compact laser, a high-throughput spectrograph and Peltier-cooled CCD detector. No special utilities, such as coolants, are required allowing the system to be used almost anywhere in the field or in a laboratory. The flexibility of optical fiber coupling enables remote measurements by locating the probe right at the sample. The fiber optic probe features an integrated CCD video camera for sample positioning and capturing of digital sample images. All operations are performed by the dedicated software package based on JASCO Spectra Manager II™.

The RMP-500 Series consists of three models, the RMP-510, 520 and 530, ranging from small, portable units suitable for in-situ measurements to research-grade systems to provide capabilities for a wide range of application requirements. The RMP-500 system is controlled using Spectra Manager II™, JASCO’s powerful Windows-based cross-platform spectroscopy software package. The system is capable of both laboratory work and on-site measurements in the fields of process control, QC, forensics, art conservation and mineralogy.

The RMP-500 Series allows to build custom-made system based on customer’s requirements.




  • Resolution: 2 cm-1
  • Measurement range: 100 to 8000 cm-1
  • Laser: 532 nm



  • Resolution: 2 cm-1
  • Measurement range: 100 to 3500 cm-1
  • Laser: 785 nm



  • Resolution: 3 cm-1
  • Measurement range: 100 to 3500 cm-1
  • Laser: 1064 nm

System features

  • Portable Raman spectrometer: Simple, high-speed in-situ measurements
  • Fiber optic probe for remote Raman measurements: Non-destructive sample measurements
  • High-throughput spectrograph with compact laser and CCD detector
  • No special utilities required: compact and lightweight
  • Integrated CCD camera for sample positioning, digital image capture of the sample
  • Remote measurements using fiber optic probe (optical fiber length: 1 – 100 meters)
  • Screening of materials
  • On line process monitoring
  • Non-destructive measurement of a sample that cannot be ‘sampled’ or moved
  • In-situ analysis (time-course measurements)
  • Microscope observation using integrated CCD camera


RFT-6000 FT Raman Spectrometer

The JASCO RFT-6000 F-Raman model is a module that is coupled to the FTIR-6800 spectrometer which allows obtaining both the IR spectrum and the RAMAN. Unlike the dispersive Raman where LASERs are normally used in the visible range, FT-Raman spectroscopy virtually eliminates the fluorescence of the sample itself or the impurities in the sample when irradiating with a 1064nm LASER. Likewise it allows the irradiation of the sample without risk of its degradation.

Regarding sensitivity, the InGaAs detector is much more stable and less sensitive to thermal variations than the most common Ge detector. In addition, the gold-coated optical surfaces of the FTIR 6800 allow maximizing the sensitivity since gold’s reflectivity is far superior to that of aluminum. Finally, the ability to add successive scans for the Fourier transform technique compensates for the loss of sensitivity inherent to weak Raman signals. The gold-coated optical surfaces of the FTIR 6800 maximize the sensitivity of the technique.

System Features

  • Air cooled laser
  • Laser safety interlock system
  • IR and Raman spectra can be measured using the same hardware
  • Easy switching to and from Micro mode (optional)
  • Optional mapping for Micro mode
  • Horizontal sample stage for simple sampling




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