For more than 50 years JASCO has been a pioneer in the implementation of Circular Dichroism. The new J-1000 series is the result of the application of the most advanced technology to meet the demands of our customers. These three new models can be adapted to meet any requirement and can be expanded depending on the evolution of your needs.

J-1100 Series

Jasco 1100 Series

The new J-1100 Series is a compact system that meets most of the demands for routine biomolecule analysis.


J-1500 Series

JASCO 1500 Series

The J-1500 model allows the measurement of a CD spectrum in the UV region of vacuum at 163 nm. The UV vacuum region below 200 nm is of critical importance for biomolecules, in particular in the secondary structure estimation protein. As standard, its PMT detector allows to mediate up to 900nm, however the addition of an optional second InGaAs detector allows measurements with the highest sensitivity up to 1,600nm. Combined with a high scanning speed of 10,000nm / min, it is possible to measure samples quickly with a minimum exposure time of biological samples, which minimizes the risk of sample degradation.


J-1700 Series

Jasco 1700 Series

The J-1700’s innovative optical system enables measurement of a CD spectrum in the near IR region up to 2,500 nm using an exclusive triple detection system. The J-1700 model is ideal for the structural analysis of organometallic complexes and colored proteins, as well as acquisition of magnetic CD spectra of transition metals and measurements of the first and second overtones of vibrational transitions. The range up to 2500nm allows you to link your spectra to those obtained by the FVS-6000 VCD Vibrational Circular Dicroism.

Series CPL-300

Circularly Polarized Luminescence CPL 300

The model CPL-300 allows the measurement of circularly polarized luminescence (CPL), measures the difference in intensity of polarized fluorescence right and left, complementing the information of chiral compounds obtained through absorption techniques such as CD and VCD.

It incorporates two monochromators, one of emission and one of excitation, both with variable slit, that allow to select the excitation wavelength and the fluorescence bandwidth suitable in each case. Its range 250 to 850nm can be extended to 1,100 with the addition of a specific PMT detector and can be added most models compatible accessories J-1700 and J-1500.


  • Wide spectral range from vacuum UV to Near-IR (up to 1600 nm, only J-1500)
  • Standard built-in mercury lamp and optional NIST traceable standard sample for system validation
  • High-efficiency purge capability enabling to enhanced vacuum UV measurement
  • Extremely low stray light and high S/N ratio providing wide dynamic range
  • High speed scanning (J-1500: 10000 nm/min, J-1100: 5000 nm/min)
  • Simultaneous Multi-probe measurements (SMP) with acquisition of up to four data channels
  • Flexible design allowing field upgrades for different measurement modes and accessories as applications evolve
  • Spectra Manager II or Spectra Manager CFR (For FDA regulated labs): 64 bit innovative, cross-platform Spectroscopy
  • Software Suite for data acquisition, analysis and presentation including several methods of secondary structure calculation
Instrument Brochure
 Circular Dichroism (CD)  Jasco J-1000 Series Circular Dichroism
 Vibrational Circular Dichroism (VCD)  FVS-6000
 Circularly Polarized Luminescence (CPL)  Circularly Polarized Luminescence

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