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With more than fifty years of experience in the design of spectrophotometers, JASCO offers a complete line of UV-Vis/NIR instruments. The V-700 series consists of five distinct models designed to meet the capabilities required by any analytical laboratory.
System Description
From an innovative optical layout to a simple comprehensive instrument control and data analysis software interface, the V-700 series does not compromise on accuracy, performance or reliability. JASCO is proud of its successful analytical instrument development, and is excited about the advances offered by this powerful product lineup. JASCO fully guarantees the reliability and performance of these instruments, and provides a complete range of customer support services
The series includes:

UV / VIS / NIR spectroscopy
JASCO we are very proud of the development of the new UV / VIS / NIR V-700 spectrophotometers series offering a full range of instruments for all applications. Its innovative optical design presents the highest levels of accuracy, performance or reliability.

System Features

  • Compact design that reduces space requirements in the modern laboratory.
  • Excellent optical system with extremely low levels of diffuse light for highly accurate measurements in a wide photometric range.
  • High scan speed thanks to its high-performance optics and its 24-bit A / D converter.
  • Stray light correction for high precision measurements or very high absorbance samples.
  • “Step Scan” function for improved spectral resolution.
  • New model of high sensitivity in the NIR.
  • Simple graphical environment for iRM Spectra ™ II and Spectra Manager CFR software as well as a revamped
  • iRM touch module.
  • Software available in CFR version, and update packs to CFR from the standard version.
  • Daily check function with built-in internal standard.
  • Automatic recognition accessories.
  • More than 50 accessories for all types of samples and specific applications.
  • Validation of the instrument according to USP, EP and JP. Optional IQ / OQ qualifications.

Series V-730

Spectrophotometer UV-Vis/NIR

Spectrophotometer V730 JASCO

Robust and compact equipment with a wide dynamic range, ideal for routine analysis, quality control and educational uses.
Series V-730Bio
Ideal equipment for life sciences with specific software for quantification of proteins and nucleic acids, realization of ramps of proteins and nucleic acids to carry out studies of denaturation and kinetics, and quantitative analysis of protein six different methods of calibration.
Series V-750

Spectrophotometer V750 JASCO

Spectrophotometer V750 JASCO

It covers the 190-900nm range with high sensitivity thanks to its photomultiplier detector and variable bandwidth.
Series V-760

Spectrophotometer V760 JASCO

Spectrophotometer V760 JASCO

Thanks to its double monochromator and photomultiplier detector, it presents a large linear dynamic range with extremely low diffuse light values.
Series V-770

Spectrophotometer V770 JASCO

Spectrophotometer V770 JASCO

UV / VIS / NIR equipment incorporates a second PbS detector extending its range up to 2,700 or optionally 3,200nm.

Series V-780

Spectrophotometer V780 JASCO

Spectrophotometer V780 JASCO

Very high sensitivity UV / VIS / NIR model thanks to its second InGaAs detector.




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