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FTIR Overview of the Various Options for Time Course Measurement using FTIR
FTIR Microscopy IR Microscope with Heating/Cooling Stage for the Evaluation of the Melting Point or Phase Transition of a Sample at the Molecular Level
FTIR Micro Sample Analysis using ATR PRO ONE VIEW
FTIR Analysis of the Deterioration of Industrial Grease using ATR
FTIR Fiber Product Analysis using ATR PRO ONE VIEW
UV-Visible/NIR High Sensitivity Near Infrared Absolute Reflectance Measurement of Materials
UV-Visible/NIR Haze Measurement using a UV-Visible Spectrophotometer
UV-Visible/NIR Evaluation of Anti-Reflection Films using Absolute Reflectance Measurement
Fluorescence Internal Quantum Efficiency Measurement of Phosphor Powders
UV-Visible/NIR Color Analysis using a UV-Visible Spectrophotometer
Fluorescence Evaluation of FRET as a Sensitive Biosensor for Explosives
UV-Visible/NIR Absolute Reflectance Measurement of a Dichroic Mirror using UV-Visible/NIR Spectroscopy
UV-Visible/NIR Luminous Color Measurement by UV-Visible Spectroscopy
UV-Visible/NIR Evaluation of Solar Heat Gain Coefficient and Transmittance, Reflectance & Emittance Measurement of Flat Glass by UV-Visible/NIR Spectroscopy
UV-Visible/NIR Evaluation of Solar Reflective Paint by UV-Visible/NIR Spectrosopy
UV-Visible/NIR Horizontal Integrating Sphere for Contact Lens Measurement
Fluorescence Remote Measurement using FP-8500 Fluorometer with Optical Fiber
FTIR, Raman Two Dimensional Correlation Spectroscopy using IR and Raman with Time-Course Measurement (Analysis of Cyanoacrylate Adhesive during Curing Process)
Fluorescence Near-Infrared Phosphor Measurement
Fluorescence Absolute Quantum Yields Using an Integrating Sphere
Fluorescence Quantum Efficiency of Phosphorescent Materials using an Integrating Sphere
Fluorescence High-Speed Measurement and EEM Interpretation for Olive Oil Analysis
Fluorescence Determination of the Relative Quantum Yield of Rhodamine B
Fluorescence Quantum Yield Measurement of the Up-Conversion Phosphors
Film Thickness, FTIR Measurement of Thin Films by Polarization-Modulation Infrared Reflection-Absorption Spectroscopy (PM-IRRAS)
FTIR p-Polarized MAIRS – Multiple Angle Incident Angle Resolution Spectroscopy
Raman The Use of Dual Spatial Filtration to Improve Spatial Resolution in Raman Imaging Micro-spectroscopy
FTIR IRT-5000 FTIR Microscope with IQ Mapping
Raman Carbon Nanotube Analysis by Raman Spectroscopy
FTIR MCR Chemometric Modeling for FTIR Imaging Microscopy
UV-Visible/NIR Transmission Measurement of Volvox Algae Using the MSV-5000 Series
UV-Visible/NIR Estimation of the Refractive Index of a Monocrystalline Sapphire via Polarization Measurement using the MSV-5000 Series Microscopic Spectrophotometer
SFC The Analysis of Polymer Additives using Supercritical Fluid Chromatography
FTIR Advanced FTIR Imaging System with Linear Array MCT Detector
UV-Visible/NIR Evaluation of Solar Cells using Absolute Reflectance with a UV-Visible/NIR Spectrophotometer
FTIR, Portable FTIR Field-Rugged FTIR Microscope for On-Site Analysis
Raman Raman Analysis of Injection Molding -measurement of the polymer state during a process
FTIR On-Line FTIR monitoring with a field-rugged spectrometer with fiber-optic cable
FTIR Field-rugged FTIR for in-situ monitoring of chemical vapor deposition (CVD)
UV-Visible/NIR Color Analysis of Fluorescence Materials for FPD
UV-Visible/NIR Monitoring of Polysilicon Crystallization Using a Laser
UV-Visible/NIR UV-Visible Diode-Array Spectrophotometer for In-Line Monitoring for QC
UV-Visible/NIR On-line Monitoring of an Amorphous Silicon Layer on a Solar Cell
Raman Using a 785nm laser to reduce fluorescence in Raman analysis of a contaminant in a film
Raman Confocal Raman microscopy for non-destructive analysis of impurities in polymers
FTIR FTIR Linear Array Microscope for Qualitative Analysis of Semiconductor Contaminants
UV-Visible/NIR Highly Accurate Measurements in the Vacuum UV Region
UV-Visible/NIR Transmittance Near-field measurements in the UV-visible/NIR range at 0.1 to 1 µm spatial resolution
UV-Visible/NIR Evaluation of Micro Optics
UV-Visible/NIR Evaluation of Polarizers for FPDs
UV-Visible/NIR Phase Difference Measurements
Fluorescence Luminescent Color Evaluation for Fluorescent Materials
UV-Visible/NIR Evaluation of ITO Films
Fluorescence Analysis of Fluorescence Materials at High Temperatures
Raman Raman for the evaluation of carrier concentrations in GaN
Raman Evaluation of Polysilicon
Raman Single-Layer Carbon Nanotube
Raman Evaluation of Carbon Materials
Raman Evaluation of Diamond Like Carbon (DLC)
Raman Semiconductor Stress Measurement
FTIR FTIR Analysis of Si Wafer Surface Using a 65-Degree Incident Angle ATR
FTIR Measurement of Oriented Films and Liquid Crystal Molecules by a Polarized ATR Accessory
FTIR Terahertz ATR Measurement of Liquids by Vacuum FTIR
FTIR Analysis of silicon wafers by vacuum FTIR

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